5 Artists To Watch In 2017.

Listed below are 5 artists that I think are worth keeping an eye on this year. Whether they’re already well on their way to success or just on the up and coming in the music industry, every artist is definitely worth watching out for!



ABRA is an Atlanta based singer signed to the, almost exclusive, rap crew Awful Records. After being discovered on YouTube for her acoustic covers of hip hop songs, it wasn’t long until Abra was creating her own originals. She has one full length album, ‘Rose’, and two EP’s – ‘BLQ Velvet’ and ‘PRINCESS’ (pictured). Abra really came into her own with 2016’s PRINCESS EP, with both her confidence and electronic R&B sound improving tenfold on her previous material. She blends her hip hop style lyrics with delicate hooks layered over 80’s style synths effortlessly. Hopefully we will get another full length from Abra this year and if we do, it will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with.


Undoubtedly the most established in this list, the last album we got from Sky was 2013’s critically acclaimed ‘Night Time, My Time’ (pictured). If you take the classic 80’s synthpop sound, add the grunge influences of a 90’s kid, and throw in the struggles of being a millennial, you’ll get somewhere close to Sky Ferreira’s sound. In July 2014, Sky announced via Twitter that she was working on a new album. So far we have the confirmed title of ‘Masochism’ and the promise of a “more aggressive” sound but any music is yet to surface. Hopefully inbetween starring in the new Twin Peaks sequel, Sky will find time to bless us with a new record in 2017.



Chain Of Flowers are a Cardiff six piece signed to independent London based Alter Records. Their sound is, most prominently, a gloomy mix of post punk and shoegaze. They have one self titled full length released (pictured) and it was only after seeing them supporting Ceremony live that this band really grabbed my attention. I recently emailed the band enquiring about if we would be getting new music from them this year. Their reply was “We’re still writing the 2nd LP and have just recorded for a smaller release due out soon” definitely one worth keeping your eyes peeled for!



Serpentwithfeet (Josiah Wise) is the New York based artist responsible for my favourite EP of 2016. Signed to the consistently strong Tri Angle Records, Serpentwithfeet seemed to appear from thin air. Blisters (pictured) was a gorgeous blend of RnB and gospel, delivered in a completely modern and unique way. If you’re a fan of heart on the sleeve lyrics and emotion inducing melodies, then Serpentwithfeet is for you. If you take anything from this article, LISTEN TO THIS EP. I can only pray that we get a full length record in 2017 because 5 tracks of music this good just isn’t enough. A massive mention to The Haxan Cloak, also signed to Tri Angle, for the production on this record he did an amazing job. Do not sleep on this!



HANA has had quite an interesting career and she’s still only 27. After releasing a studio album and 3 EP’s under her full name (Hana Pestle) between 2008 and 2011 she just seemed to stop making music.This was until March 2016 when she released her self titled EP under what we know her as now. I heard the lead single ‘Clay’ when it was first released in May 2015 and I was blown away. The layers in her songs (produced mainly by herself) are otherworldly. With a radio friendly blend of dream pop and pop music her voice sounds so powerful on this record. I managed to catch her supporting Grimes last year and she really does these tracks justice live which is also a massive plus. Hopefully 2017 will bring us more music from HANA and her career won’t come to an end as it has once before.


I will undoubtedly be reporting if there is any new music from any of the mentioned artists and any other music I think is worth your attention!

Thank you for reading.

Adam Grime

First Hurdle Music


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