Prince Returns To Streaming Services

Everybody loves Prince.

In 2015, all of Prince’s back catalogue vanished like a puff of smoke from (nearly) every streaming service available. This was down to insufficient compensation received from streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. Artists are said to receive $0.007 per stream on Spotify. For someone who put as much work in to his material such as Prince, it’s no wonder he didn’t see it as worth it.

In November of 2016, Prince’s estate signed a publishing deal with Universal Music to enable his music to no longer be exclusive to Tidal.

Spotify teased the big news by plastering solely purple billboards around New York.

So now all of Prince’s material released between 1978-1996 is available to stream again, a great way to listen to one of the greatest pop stars of our time. I’ll be celebrating with a run through my favourite Prince record, Dirty Mind.

dirty mind.jpg

What’s your favourite Prince album? Let me know!

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