Two Great Albums From March So Far

March has been the slowest month of the year for fresh music so far. I’m not disappointed to be honest as this year is already providing some really fantastic albums very early on in 2017. That doesn’t mean it’s not delivered anything, and here’s two albums that I think are worth your time that have been released in March so far.



No it’s not a typo, they’re called Blanck Mass and this record is unbelievable. The third, and best, LP from British electronic artist Benjamin John Power. This is one of the best experimental electronic albums I’ve heard not only this year, but for quite some time. It’s a real smash of genres and probably not the easiest on the unprepared ear, but this is such an exhilarating listen, I was so hyped up after hearing this it took me by surprise. The creativity really shines through with the array of vocal samples used and incorporated across some occasionally really dark and harsh rhythms. Even the artwork is engaging and a pretty accurate image of how I looked when the album finished. If you fancy a challenging but rewarding listen, I’d definitely have a sit down with this record.



From one extreme to pretty close to the other, the sixth full length from British singer-songwriter, Laura Marling. I’ll start by saying that this is not my favourite Laura Marling release but it’s a really solid release. The album title, used from a Roman poet, means ‘woman is a fickle and ever-changing thing’ and the album is a beautiful, feminist creation. At the core of this album is Laura’s staple folk sound and it’s apparent in the instrumentation. Lyrically, this is a very personal journey for Marling and her dreamy voice just carries you along the tracks. Don’t Pass Me By is a particular highlight, give this track a whirl first and if you enjoy it, sink your teeth in to the full thing.

First Hurdle Music.




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