March Album Of The Month


My March album of the month comes from Phil Elverum’s solo project, Mount Eerie.

“A Crow Looked At Me” is the eighth studio album under this alias and is one of the most harrowing albums I have ever heard. Released less than a year after the death of his wife, Genevieve Castree, Phil describes his life raising their infant daughter since his wife’s passing.

At the core this would fall under the indie folk / singer songwriter genre, but when you hear it, any pleasant image of the ‘folky’ expectations are quickly extinguished. There has been a lot of comparisons with one his earlier albums ‘Dawn’ (my favourite Mount Eerie release) regarding the very stripped back and primarily acoustic instrumentation.

The lyrical content really is the focus point of this record, and if this is your first exposure to Mount Eerie then it might not be the easiest listen down to Phil’s quite droning voice. The imagery created through Phil’s lyrics really do paint a picture and I challenge anyone to not feel emotional if they sit down properly with this album. I don’t even have a wife or child but it’s just so powerful it’s overwhelming.

I don’t have any qualms about branding this as the best thing that has been released this year so far, and after such a strong start that’s a pretty big claim.

First Hurdle Music.


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