Kendrick Lamar Releases ‘DAMN’ But Will We Get Another Album This Weekend?


Kendrick Lamar, Cornrow Kenny, Kung Fu Kenny, King Kenny, whatever you want to know him it’s impossible to avoid him at the minute. After teasing his fourth LP with the promo track ‘The Heart Part 4’ his name has been plastered all over social media and music forums worldwide. Closing the track with ‘Y’all got ’til April the 7th to get y’all shit together’ announcing  the release date of the still untitled album.

‘DAMN’ got pushed back a week, something that is pretty common and not usually anything suspicious but every Kendrick fan knows of his attention to small details that makes him as impressive as he is. By pushing back the record a week, it would mean that it would drop on Good Friday, and this is where the conspiracies begin. I didn’t really think all that much into it until the album actually dropped and I heard the first track ‘BLOOD’. The track sees Kendrick approaching a blind woman to help her find something she’d lost, leading in a (spoiler alert) gunshot being fired and Kendrick seemingly dying. If you’ve still not made the connection, Kendrick wasn’t the only one to die on Good Friday, and fans are hoping that Jesus isn’t going to be the only one to come back on Easter Sunday.

The record is drenched in religious connotations and imagery, fueling the fire of the double album conspiracy. The flame got turned into a full blown conflagration following these tweets from one of the Top Dawg Entertainment producers who worked with Kendrick on ‘DAMN’ :


The photo shows Morpheus from the Matrix with the reflection of a blue pill and a red pill in his hands. Kendrick changed his picture on Spotify to a picture of him standing in front a BLUE wall, opposed to the red wall shown on the artwork for DAMN. The opening track again, BLOOD, is an infamous Californian gang, identified by their red gang colours. The theory is there’s a matching ‘CRIP’ track on the opposing album, the rival gang of the bloods, identified with the BLUE gang colours.

I suppose only time will tell as to whether we will get another Kendrick album this weekend, but at least it’s not too long to wait. If we do it will be insane, but if not ‘DAMN’ is a solid listen and I’ve loved every single listen so far.

Do you believe the conspiracy theories? Let Me Know!

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